Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Josh's Baby Blessing

Josh's Baby Blessing

We were able to bless Joshua a few weeks ago and it was such a neat experience. Most of my family was there except mom who was in the wedding bliss land with Michele in Utah. We certainly missed having her there!!! Josh was very good and didn't cry during the whole prayer...YEAH!!! He was very handsome in his little Tuxedo compliments of Brad's Aunt Heidi in Utah. It was adorable!!! Complete with a bow tie, cumberbun, and even tux tails. Loved it!!!! We were really sad that Brad's family wasn't able to be there and we were thinking about them on that blessed day!! We met at our house after church for dinner and family time which of course is always a full house but lots of fun. Here are a few highlights.....

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Dustin and Kellie said...

Congrats to sweet little Josh! Heidi is really amazing! I still can't get over Ethan and Maren's blessing outfits, they were amazing! We wish we could've been there! Give him a kiss from us!

Also, Ethan asked me the other day if we could go to the Dino musuem. I told him yes. Then he said "we need to have Cameron, Nick, Alyssa, Josh, Brad and Mary come! Call them!!"