Monday, February 1, 2010

Crazy Day's and Loving It

Crazy Days and Loving It

Yesterday was a bit on the crazy side. Due to weather conditions, we only met at church for one hour at 3:00 instead of our normal 3 hours at 10:00. You would think this would make it a little easier for the kids to behave knowing that it would be time to go home soon. NOPE!! All three of them couldn't hardly sit still for more than 2 seconds. I was wrestling my I-Touch from Cameron who then proceeded to take out his frustration on the bench in front of him (who had people sitting on it). Meanwhile, Nick was kicking his sister who was relentlessly teasing him. This was all happening while daddy was rushing out the door with Josh to change his diaper and fix a bottle. As I was beginning to feel overwhelmed and ready to strangle a few children, I stepped back and had the feeling that there would come a day when I would miss this. One day I would be able to sit on a bench by myself and hear everything with no interruptions. How sad will that be. I started to think about how tenacious my five year old was and how creative to come up with so many different things to do when you are bored. You can kick you can kick your sister, mess up her hair, push her out of her seat, Convey to those around you, very loudly, how bored you are. Who knows, maybe they would think of something to do. You can also throw your self on the floor and accidentally roll under the bench which also makes a cool noise when you kick it. You can put both arms in the same sleeve and that makes a very cool gun or elephant trunk. The possibilities are endless.....Who needs to color when there are so many other things to do right....

Then I had another AH-HAH moment. I realized how lucky we were that we had a family all together. With a mom and dad and crazy kids who were trying to love each other. I was grateful to know that Heavenly Father designed this earth to support families as we try to learn and grow and love each other. He didn't expect us to make it by ourselves, that's why he gave us families. I was grateful to know that my children, as young as they are, can feel the spirit and learn about the plan Heavenly Father set up for us to be happy. They can be in sacrament meeting and learn just like the big people. And they do learn. Much more than I ever thought possible. In fact, many times I think they understand the simplicity of the gospel much more than us adults who want "all" the answers first. So, at least for today, I am appreciative that I have crazy kids who are trying to do the right things as best they can. I am grateful to know that our Heavenly Father trusts my children to understand his teachings in the simplest way and in turn, can teach me things every day. I am grateful for crazy days that give you a small glimpse into what this earth life is all about.....the things that really matter. Tomorrow I may forget again, but today I will cherish the moment!!!


Latisha said...

Very well said, Mary. We all need to remember this more, I think.

Lecia said...

Right on, Mary. I remember being a young mom at a Primary meeting. My friend & I were complaining about those same kinds of things you saw. An older lady in front of us turned around & with tears in her eyes told us the day would come when we would give anything to have those days back. We both stopped complaining & I have never forgotten her comment. Great job!