Thursday, June 3, 2010


Monday, April 26, 2010

The Children's Museum
On spring break weekend we went to the Children's Museum here in Greenville. These are just a few highlights. The kids had a great time and we had to pull them away from it. They had a lot of interactive displays for the kids to participate in and the "coolest" climbing playground that I have seen. A great time!!!! Alyssa even got the courage to sing a favorite song with her friend Kya on the green screen TV station. Then she watched the replay with the imposed background.

April Fools

April Fools Joke....
The kids were really into April Fools this year. Cameron took apart Josh's Swing, put a plastic roach on my pillow (that was nice=)), covered the toilet with toilet paper and yes...even played a prank on the birds by covering up their feeding holes in the bird feeder. That's my boy ;). I died the milk blue for breakfast and Alyssa and Nick short sheeted Daddy and they even got away with it. He had no idea!!! It was fun to see the kids all whispering trying to figure out what to do. The only rule was that it had to be fun....not mean pranks. They loved it!!!! Cameron and Alyssa were so worried that I would let the day go by and not tell them that they checked other people calendars to make sure I wasn't lying. =)

Science Fair

Cameron's Science Fair Project
Cameron just finished his first science Fair. His project was: Can water pass through a cell membrane. He did a great job with his presentation and got lots of good comments from those who watched it. The neatest part was that when we soaked the eggs in vinegar, the shell dissolved leaving the rubbery "skin" around the egg. Very cool!!! Way to go Cameron!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valentine Fun

Valentine Fun!!!
Because Josh was blessed on Valentines day we did it alittle different this year. Usually we have our special valentines dinner but this time we spent it with family. Still very fun!!! So, we had a little fun with cookies for Cameron's class. Since there are only 9 students in his class and some are on restricted diets, we can't do the usual valentine candy. So this year we made gluten and casien free peanut butter cookies. The kids in his class that can't eat those things usually end up without treats so it was nice to do something that they could enjoy. And didn't they turn out cute!!!

Josh's Baby Blessing

Josh's Baby Blessing

We were able to bless Joshua a few weeks ago and it was such a neat experience. Most of my family was there except mom who was in the wedding bliss land with Michele in Utah. We certainly missed having her there!!! Josh was very good and didn't cry during the whole prayer...YEAH!!! He was very handsome in his little Tuxedo compliments of Brad's Aunt Heidi in Utah. It was adorable!!! Complete with a bow tie, cumberbun, and even tux tails. Loved it!!!! We were really sad that Brad's family wasn't able to be there and we were thinking about them on that blessed day!! We met at our house after church for dinner and family time which of course is always a full house but lots of fun. Here are a few highlights.....

Monday, February 1, 2010

Crazy Day's and Loving It

Crazy Days and Loving It

Yesterday was a bit on the crazy side. Due to weather conditions, we only met at church for one hour at 3:00 instead of our normal 3 hours at 10:00. You would think this would make it a little easier for the kids to behave knowing that it would be time to go home soon. NOPE!! All three of them couldn't hardly sit still for more than 2 seconds. I was wrestling my I-Touch from Cameron who then proceeded to take out his frustration on the bench in front of him (who had people sitting on it). Meanwhile, Nick was kicking his sister who was relentlessly teasing him. This was all happening while daddy was rushing out the door with Josh to change his diaper and fix a bottle. As I was beginning to feel overwhelmed and ready to strangle a few children, I stepped back and had the feeling that there would come a day when I would miss this. One day I would be able to sit on a bench by myself and hear everything with no interruptions. How sad will that be. I started to think about how tenacious my five year old was and how creative to come up with so many different things to do when you are bored. You can kick you can kick your sister, mess up her hair, push her out of her seat, Convey to those around you, very loudly, how bored you are. Who knows, maybe they would think of something to do. You can also throw your self on the floor and accidentally roll under the bench which also makes a cool noise when you kick it. You can put both arms in the same sleeve and that makes a very cool gun or elephant trunk. The possibilities are endless.....Who needs to color when there are so many other things to do right....

Then I had another AH-HAH moment. I realized how lucky we were that we had a family all together. With a mom and dad and crazy kids who were trying to love each other. I was grateful to know that Heavenly Father designed this earth to support families as we try to learn and grow and love each other. He didn't expect us to make it by ourselves, that's why he gave us families. I was grateful to know that my children, as young as they are, can feel the spirit and learn about the plan Heavenly Father set up for us to be happy. They can be in sacrament meeting and learn just like the big people. And they do learn. Much more than I ever thought possible. In fact, many times I think they understand the simplicity of the gospel much more than us adults who want "all" the answers first. So, at least for today, I am appreciative that I have crazy kids who are trying to do the right things as best they can. I am grateful to know that our Heavenly Father trusts my children to understand his teachings in the simplest way and in turn, can teach me things every day. I am grateful for crazy days that give you a small glimpse into what this earth life is all about.....the things that really matter. Tomorrow I may forget again, but today I will cherish the moment!!!