Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valentine Fun

Valentine Fun!!!
Because Josh was blessed on Valentines day we did it alittle different this year. Usually we have our special valentines dinner but this time we spent it with family. Still very fun!!! So, we had a little fun with cookies for Cameron's class. Since there are only 9 students in his class and some are on restricted diets, we can't do the usual valentine candy. So this year we made gluten and casien free peanut butter cookies. The kids in his class that can't eat those things usually end up without treats so it was nice to do something that they could enjoy. And didn't they turn out cute!!!


Dustin and Kellie said...

Holy Moly! I have a hard time making regualar cookies look nice, but you guys made amazing AMAZING cookies! I think that is so nice and thoughtful of you guys to do that. I have one little kid in my primary class who says that he doesn't eat anything with sugar (not just cookies and candies, but fruit also) I can't think of anything to make if I ever want to bring treats! But you are incredible!

Also, your family picture is SOOO cute! Wow! You all look so great! Thank you for our copy.

Latisha said...

Very cute! And your new family pics are awesome!

Lecia said...

What a fun idea! These cookies are so cute.